Are Ants Dangerous? – Know More!

Ants are small but mighty! And their bites can be as painful as a bee sting. You will feel sharp and itchy for a long time. The craziest part about ant infestation is it is unlimited and can happen anywhere. That’s why you need to be cautious and beware of the marching ants. If the long lines of ants are bothering you, consider taking Ant Control services in Melbourne to help you out. Even if it’s one or two or a large colony of ants, they are unhygienic and cause damage to your wooden furniture.  Ants may appear harmless, but some species of ants are considered pests. But how harmful can they be? Let’s find out.

Ant Control Melbourne

Health And Hygiene

Though ants have a variety of feeding strategies, most of them are omnivores and scavengers. They source food on rummage everywhere including trash and filth. They pick up disease-causing microbes, germs, and viruses and spread them into the uncovered food items. As they contaminate food more effectively than any other pests, keep your cooked food covered and ensure your floors are clean without food spills and crumbs.

Property Damage

Besides contaminating your property, some species of ants are known to cause damage to your property as well. Carpenter ants are more like termites that feed on wooden items like your furniture. They feed on the wood pulp; weaken the wood structure, causing it to lose its resilience. They always create colonies near the food sources and water. They also create a nest in the walls, and furniture and dig holes in the garden creating mounds above the ground.

They Bite

Once they are there in your house, they will start to create lots of nuisance on your property.  Be it red ants or big giant black ants, both can sting badly and makes the place messy. They can get to any area of the house and contaminate your food items, get into any storage containers, utensils and tables. So, make sure to use proper air-tight containers for additional safety.

Instead of trying DIY ant control techniques and finding the hiding spots to kill them, it is best left to ant control professionals. For ant control in Melbourne, call Ant Control Melbourne on 03 8592 4707 today.

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