Ant Control Melbourne Prices

Is your property infested by ants? Do you want a quick solution at an affordable price? Check out our ant control Melbourne prices. Many species of ants are found in Melbourne. Ants are the most common insects that are categorised as pests. Once a property is infested with ants, then it can be a difficult task to deal with it. However, when you choose us, we deploy effective remedies and programs which not only help in the removal of ants but also safeguard the property from future infestation.

Ant Control Melbourne

Ant Removal Cost

At Ants Pest Melbourne, we make use of a variety of treatments that can decide the Ant Control Melbourne Prices. These treatments and methods can be tailored to suit your needs. Without worrying too much about Ant Control cost in Melbourne, get an ant removal expert to help you out. Generally, ant control cost depends upon the size of the property, level of infestation, the type of specie, ease of access, number of nesting sites, dwelling spaces, etc.

Ant Control Inspection

A detailed investigation and assessment which is conducted by ant removal experts help in estimating the cost and the time frame to provide an effective treatment. Our ant removal services do a variety of tests before we start the actual treatment.

Our Targeted Ant Removal Process Involves:

Finding out the access points 

Since ants are very tiny and can enter through tiny cracks, hence we identify every crack to provide an effective solution.

Identifying the pheromone trail

Ants work as a team, and an army of ants can be seen in a perfect queue due to an invisible chemical that consists of pheromones for other ants to follow.

Spotting the nest location

It’s easy to locate the pheromone trail but can be complex to find their actual nest. Hence our team of experts makes sure to find their nesting place and target it.

Colony size

You might just see a few ants, but surprisingly ants live in large colonies and only a few worker ants go out to find food. Thus, it is vital to find out the colony size and stop them from multiplying over time.

Since a colony lifetime can be relatively long ranging from 7-10 years for a worker ant and over 15 years for the queen ant.

Therefore long-term ant control solutions are required, rather than killing the ones which are visible to your eyes, get help from ant control experts to get rid of them. If you want to know the ant removal Melbourne price, consult with our team today. We also offer our ant control solutions in Epping, South Morang, Richmond, Brighton, and Berwick. For home inspections, call Ants Pest Control Melbourne on 03 8592 4707 today.